Friday, April 10, 2009

Overworld Update

Not a real shot, but it's using all sprites from the actual game. No real news yet, we've been working hard on the battle system demo and we're almost ready to put it out. Just here to let you know we're not dead yet.

And here's some soundtrack for the music-hungry fans: The EBZR OST

With any luck we'll have the Battle System Demo up within a week or so, so keep checking.


  1. Wow, just goes to show that the screenshot is presenting the great effort being put into this project. Looks excellent and can't wait until it's finished! ^____^

  2. I can't believe this slipped under my radar for the past few months. *keeping up with it*

    I'm one of those 'hungry-music fans'. The MOTHER series music is near perfect, and what y'all are doing sounds great.

    Keep the awesome coming! =D

  3. That looks amazing! :)